Ghislain in the Yoga pose Triangle at Pol Gorm, Cork, Ireland

Welcome to Sacred Body Studio

Welcome to Sacred Body Studio, here are some words from our customers about their experience at Sacred Body Studio!

Ghislain in the Yoga pose Triangle at Pol Gorm, Cork, Ireland

About Sacred Body Studio

 A warm and welcoming studio. Called “Sacred Body” following the thought of B.K.S. Iyengar “My body is my temple and yoga is my religion”. We believe in the importance of self-knowledge, physically and mentally.

Physical Side:


We like to teach and share the knowledge of the body's physics, and Yoga is a great discipline to teach you how to build up muscles strength and develop joints mobility. Which aid support joints movement. When the joints can move freely to their full range of motion and are supported by the muscles around, the whole body performances are maximised, improves posture and the well-being of the bones.

In other words, for our daily activities like walking, carrying, seating, going up the stairs, performance sports and more, it’s necessary to have the strength and flexibility of the muscles to support our weight, load and demanding efforts. If that strength and flexibility doesn’t exist our knees, spine, hips, for example, start to be worn with stress creating imbalances in whole body structure.


As we are certified in different disciplines, we are more focus to help our clients not only in Yoga but in the global well being of the physical body to avoid injuries and chronic issues.


For us, it’s important that you don’t only copy poses or exercises, but that you learn body’s biomechanics, developed muscles, joints and bones awareness, and muscular strength and flexibility. Learning how to stretch safely and be aware and able to align properly (without stress) the spine.


For the physical body to work, it’s necessary to understand the breathing process as well. It’s what the Yogis call “pranayama”. Maximising the oxygen intake in our body through the lungs has great benefits on the muscles and bones structure but also in the cardiovascular system to be strong enough to supply oxygen to our organs and cells. 

Yoga is one of many techniques around the world that combined the breath with the movement or poses stimulating the endocrine, immune, nervous and digestive systems with positive effects.


The word Yoga means “Unite”, it invites you to experiment and work with your whole body altogether.


Our classes are designed to created global body balance and the results depend on your consistency. We are aware that age, lifestyle, history… make differences in body development. Our classes guide you step by step at your own level.


Our main Yoga classes are:


“Root & Release”

“Mindfulness Yoga”

"Root & Release 2.0"

“Strength & Stability”

“Open & Explore”

“Renew & Energise”


We have other classes open to everybody

and not necessary Yoga practitioners:


“Into the Core & Alignment”

“Hips Opener”


For special practitioners we have 4-week courses, check ability:


“Kids Yoga”

Mental Side:


Our principles are acceptance, kindness, respect, understanding and love for ourselves and others.

For some of you might misunderstand this concept as “Pinkie stuff”. The root of these concepts is to balance our mind that constantly need to compute information and may create problems, stress, negative thoughts, etc…


Through breathing techniques and constant concentration in the present moment, we can experience the state of meditation in a static or active way. This state can be experienced not only in a Yoga class but also anytime just by switching our attention on our breath.

During the class, it’s important to find the stillness of the mind, to help us to flush its saturation. There is nothing wrong with our mind, but we need balance. Consciously calming our mind has great benefits in our well-being.

Logo of Sacred Body Studio a Yoga Pilates and Mindfulness Online classes and Studio in Cork

Our Inspiration:

We are passionate about the development and enhancement in all aspects of anyone who approaches us.

We keep to our motto “the Legend of the Phoenix”.

“Reborn from the ashes, to start a new long life. 

After death it rises gloriously from its ashes and flies away. 

The phoenix symbolises renewal and resurrection”

For us it is a reference in our lives, and can be apply to anything that we want to reach or explore.

It’s always good to reborn at anytime in your life, wherever you are in a positive or negative stage, any physical condition, any age or in anyway you feel. If you are reading this you may look for physical, mental and/or spiritual balance.

Our goal:


To support and guide you through your journey from beginning to advance levels of physical and mind awareness. We have created a system incorporating different techniques that we had been exploring to develop mind and body.

Our range of classes that focus in different areas:

Body alignment and core muscles strength, yoga technique, free movement and acrobatics, breathing techniques that maximise oxygen intake, meditation, relaxation and coordination.

Who we are:

We are dancer, capoeira, Pilates, yoga, fitness instructors and personal trainers, fascinated by the extraordinary things that the human body can do and curious about its structure and functionality. Amazed of the body’s expression. We are looking for an effective way to lie, seat, stand and move.

Our story:

7 years ago, Ghislain and I met. He was coming to my Pilates classes, at that time he was complaining about back and knee pain due to his strenuous capoeira training. We discovered that we have the same passion of body movement. And our journey started together. All these years together as a couple, we have been discovering and learning deeply about human anatomy. Techniques to stretch and gain strength. We have been working hard to gain the physicality we have (we are not like those lucky ones that are naturally flexible). That made us look for different ways to develop ourselves. And now, we are opening our dream studio that we want to share with you.

Yoga benefits:

Apart from gaining flexibility, strength and relax. Yoga have a big impact in the endocrine, cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems. Think it as acupressure, the poses of yoga stimulates blood circulation and stimulate triggers points and organs. That's why yoga has detox effects as well. 

Which type of yoga is best:

There is only one yoga, people try to make their own brand or product by way of calling it differently but it is only based on the same poses. A good yoga class should have detox poses, strength and flexibility poses, restore poses and balance poses.

There are different techniques and styles to teach those poses as Ashtanga (dynamic), Iyengar (using props), Hatha Yoga (static and releasing). But all is depending of the flexibility and strength of your own body.



Fabiola Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours designation with Yoga Alliance
Fabiola Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours designation with Yoga Alliance
Fabiola Reyes

I'm originally from Mexico.


My main physical training was as Contemporary dancer. I have been involved in dance and music performance since 1994. But at the same time, I've been practising Yoga, Pilates, Thai Boxing, Swimming and running.


I have always been fascinated and curious by the extraordinary things the human body can do. Also, everybody at any age can develop with the correct methodology. That fascination and curiosity brought me to become a Yoga, Pilates, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and develop deep knowledge of human anatomy.


I started to teach in Mexico in 2001 and in Cork in 2010. I always want to share my knowledge to bring the best to my clients.

My Qualifications:

Bachelor of Music Degree

Diploma Contemporary Dance

Diploma Gym and Aerobics Instructor

Diploma Pilates Instructor

Diploma Hatha Yoga Instructor

Diploma Body Expression

Certificate Personal Training

Certificate Pre and Post Natal Exercise

Certificate Older Adult Exercise

Certificate Pilate Special Populations

Certificate TRX instructor

Ghislain Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours designation with Yoga Alliance
Ghislain Lumine

As my name might indicate, I am from France. I arrived in Cork in 2006, it has been a while now and I loved it.


Since 2001, I have been practicing Capoeira and I am teaching it now, for 4 years. At the same time, I have been practicing, with Fabiola, Pilates and Yoga which I now also teach.


I am interested in human body movements and how to move effortlessly, gracefully and painlessly.


I am also a fitness instructor and Personal Trainer and I commit to bringing the best of my knowledge to my clients.

My Qualifications:

Certificate Yoga Teacher

Certificate STOTT Pilates Instructor

Certificate Teaching Capoeira for Children

Certificate Fitness Instructor

Certificate Personal Training

Certificate TRX instructor

Fabiola in the Yoga pose Fish pose or Matsyasana
Fabiola Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours designation with Yoga Alliance
Ghislain Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours designation with Yoga Alliance
Registered Yoga School 200 designation with Yoga Alliance

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