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Online 200 YTT Course

Fabiola in the Yoga pose Halasana or plough
Fabiola in the Yoga pose Halasana or plough

200hrs Yoga Teacher

Training Course


Yoga is for everybody: school teachers, athletes, office workers, mothers, children, grandparents, builders, farmers,  all humans.

Now that we are practicing more at home, this course will give you the confidence and understanding to be safe in your practice and also share the benefits of yoga.
Uncover your own personal teaching style in this life changing journey. As everybody is unique, we can learn different ways to approach the benefits of yoga. The course offers the foundation to practice and teach from beginners to experience practitioner with personalised feedback.
This convenient and easy to follow online course will match your life-style as you can study and practice at your own pace. We will support and stay in close contact all the way through the course.

What is in this course:


Pre-recorded tuition videos

Practical and interactive homework assessments

Live personal tuition and feedback




6-12 months practicing any type of Yoga

Being able to record and send long videos

Being able to edit and send PDF documents

Complete all the modules homework

Course completion within 6 months

During the course, you will be introduced to the following key concepts & practices of Yoga.
Note that the course needs to be completed within 6 months of your enrollment.
Teaching Training & Practice:

You will learn and practice various yogic postures of Hatha yoga style and learning how to develop and progress yourself and your students.You will also practice other yoga styles to strenghten your knowledge of yoga. You will learn the importance of Pranayama, the awareness and control of the breath using various breathing techniques. You will be introduce to deep relaxation using yoga Nidra and Meditation and learn how it can help you and your future students. You will develop the sense that all the above are connected and are helping to increase the benefice of each other.

From day one we start to practice as beginner even if you have experience in Yoga, this will help you to understand how to teach beginners level and learn to develop as teacher and student physically and mentally. You will have the experience to become a Yoga teacher but most importantly have a life experience.

Anatomy & Physiology:

At Sacred Body College, we focus on the correct joints alignment and muscles engagement to secure a safe and enjoyable practice. So straight from the beginning of the course you will be familiarised with alignment, correction and adjustments using anatomy and physiology of the human body. You will have theory anatomy classes to know the different systems of the human body and how they interact with each other. You will go deeply into the muscle system to know the origin, insertion and action of the main muscle groups used in the main Yoga postures. You will apply this knowledge in the techniques training to understand the benefice and contraindication of the different yoga poses. Also you will cover the anatomy of the subtle body or energy body introducing the Nadis (energy channels), Chakras (energy centres), Mudras (gestures) and Bandhas (locks).

Anatomy is very important to us, it gives you the necessary understanding of the biomechanics, structure and physics of the body to develop yoga poses. During our different qualifications and experiences, we gathered a strong anatomy and physiology knowledge. We found that it was necessary to have a deep anatomy learning for Yoga. We created the course in a more practical way, constantly applying the knowledge gained through the course to the Yoga practice, avoiding saturation.

Teaching Methodology:

During the course, we will also focus on the teaching aspect covering communication skills, time management, class planing and other principles that are necessary to teach a yoga class. You will also learn how to use props as blocks, belts and bolsters to create classes that are beneficial for different intensity level of Yoga. With our progressive technique you will practice teaching early in your course to help you to develop the necessary skill that you will need as a Yoga teacher. First you will start with one partner, then to a small group, moving to a bigger group and teaching to the whole class by the end of the course. All along the course you will receive feedback on your teaching and you will learn by observing other teaching. Through the course, we will support you to build your self-esteem and knowledge in order to be confident to teach a Yoga class.

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics:

During the course, you will familiarise yourself with the traditional Yoga philosophy and lifestyle supported by the book of Gita, by Shrimad Bhagwad, and the Yoga Sutras of Pantañjali, by Swami Parmeswaranand. You will also be introduced to the ethics of being a Yoga teacher. That will lay the foundation of your understanding of Yoga Philosophy. And we will have discussion on how those philosophy may be applied to our occidental and modern lifestyles.


The course is divided into 6 modules. Each module has its own homework and physical practice. It mainly consists of filling the manual and recording your physical practice of the poses viewed in the module. You may also have to read some chapters of the required books. You will receive lived personalized feedback of your homework and physical practice, we will be in constant contact, following and supporting your progression through the course. At the end of the course, you will have to teach a full class.

Required Books and Equipments:

Book 1 - Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha - Saraswati Satyananda Swami 
Book 2 - Yoga Sutras of Pantañjali - Swami Parmeswaranand

A yoga bolster

A yoga belt

Two small blocks - dimensions: 23x12x7.5cm
One large block - dimensions: 30x20x5cm


For the online 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training course, six months to one year of practicing continuously any type of Yoga is the minimum requirement. Be open to working hard, making Yoga a part of your routine and change your life. As we mentioned before, from day one, the focus is on your own development. You will have all the necessary tools to practice at home as much as you would like to. This will help you for the end of the course to be fit and mentally ready to be a successful yoga teacher. It's a progressive course for your own personal development, and you will be able to apply the gathered knowledge to your friends, family and future students.


You need to be able to record yourself and upload the file on a platform of your choosing.

You need also to be able to edit and send pdf documents.

Note that the course needs to be completed within 6 months of your enrollment.

Course Fees:

The course fees are €980.00. All payments are accepted only by bank transfer. We will provide our bank details on registration.


The fees are non-refundable, with no exceptions.


They include all tuition and mentoring, the "Course Manual Diary" and other course materials.

Note: the course needs to be completed within 6 months of your enrollment.

How to Apply:

Fill out our Online Application Form.
We will comeback to you to confirm that your application has been received and request you to pay the course fees.
Once we receive the full payment, we will send you a receipt and confirming that you have successfully joined the course and provide you the necessary information to log in to the course resource page.


Fabiola Reyes is the Lead Yoga Teacher of the course.

Ghislain Lumine is the second teacher of the course.

Fabiola in the Yoga pose Halasana or plough
Fabiola in the Yoga pose Fish pose or Matsyasana
Fabiola Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours designation with Yoga Alliance
Ghislain Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours designation with Yoga Alliance
Registered Yoga School 200 designation with Yoga Alliance

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