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Enjoy the benefits of Yoga.


My first introduction to anatomy and mobility developments was 26 years ago when I started practising contemporary dance, learning Martha Graham’s technique. Then I went into the fitness industry as a personal trainer, pilates, yoga and fitness instructor.
All of these journeys helped me to go deep into the study of anatomy and biomechanics.

Through my experience of more than 10 years of teaching, sharing, and helping others who approached my classes, I have found some common concerns:

    •    I’m not flexible enough for Yoga, 
    •    Yoga is too difficult, 
    •    I hurt doing Yoga and Pilates, 
    •    I am training weights, running, cycling, or doing any other sports 3-5 days a week and I have back pain or knees problems. 
    •    I’m sitting too much at my desk, 
    •    I don’t know why, but I have this pain, 
    •    I feel extremely stiff.

All these previous concerns combine into one point. We don’t stretch enough.


Let’s put this in perspective. Most animals stretch every day and a couple of times during the day. That means releasing and extending our muscles should be something we do regularly every day.
we cannot get results from stretching for only 30 min or 1 hour a week.


Sometimes Yoga can seem very difficult for people who don’t have a certain level of strength or flexibility. That is why we need to start and keep practising to maintain mobility.

Our classes combine exercises and sequences that are easy to perform, give us great benefits, and gradually move into more challenging and adventurous poses. If that what you wish. Always following our own level and ability, understanding alignment, and how to engage the right muscles. I have seen people develop from 0 to full mobility from all ages and sizes.


I have been teaching and practising; focusing on developing body mobility. Observing how everybody has a different physical aptitude, some of us will develop fancy yoga poses but the most important goal is to increase and maintain mobility for our daily activity demands without stressing our joints and our spine.


For this, we need two components: strength and flexibility. Both complement each other and they have to be equally developed.

Fabiola in the Yoga pose Fish pose or Matsyasana
Fabiola Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours designation with Yoga Alliance
Ghislain Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours designation with Yoga Alliance
Registered Yoga School 200 designation with Yoga Alliance

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