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Our Timetable

After four sessions at our studio, your mobility will have improved.
Mobility Flow is our own blend of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga combined with our training knowledge and experience as Pilates, Fitness and Personal Trainers. With respect for the positive in all of these traditional disciplines, we offer an accessible approach to Yoga suited to all ages. Our format of developing strength and flexibility increases mobility, so any pose or exercise will be easier to perform.

In our development, we all differ. Hence it is difficult to say what time it will take you to master each level and the integrity of each pose. With our training and the focus on mobility, we can promise that you will notice a positive difference after four sessions.
Current Timetable
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Pregnancy Yoga classes start on Thursday 23rd of September.



Teenagers are welcome to attend adult classes.


One to one and Corporative sessions are available.

Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Bring your Vaccination Certification (Vaccination cert are required to be admitted)
  • Keep your distance (2m)
  • Wear a Mask when coming in and out of the studio
  • Use the provided hand sanitisers before and after your class
  • The studio is sterilised by ozone every day
  • Bring your yoga equipment (mat, blocks, belt, bolster, blanket depending on your class)