Fabiola in the Yoga pose Easy Seated Forwardbend or Sukhasana

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Fabiola in the Yoga pose Easy Seated Forwardbend or Sukhasana

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Class Types

Mix Levels Classes

(no or little experience needed)

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Experienced Classes

(some knowledge and experience needed)

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Fabiola in the Yoga pose Easy Seated Forwardbend or Sukhasana
Mix Levels Classes

(no or little experience needed)

Mindfulness Yoga

It is always good to treat yourself having a beneficial yoga session. If you feel a bit under pressure and your mind needs a break. This class will nourish you, release and relax your mind & body. It will disconnect you from the outside world and bring you back to your inner- and true-self. 

“Mindfulness Yoga” has a slow and gentle flow through poses that stretch the body without effort, only using gravity and the breath. We are incorporating a selected range of stretches to release and relax your spine muscles. All the class is lying on the floor supporting your joints avoiding any unnecessary stress. It will help you to release any tension in your muscles.

During the class, we have a deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra), your temperature will drop significantly, it's important to bring a warm blanket to enjoy fully this part. We don't provide blankets for hygienic reasons. 

At the end of the session, we will guide you through concentration exercises to experiment and learn the stage of meditation.

“Mindfulness Yoga” is, as well, a great option for seniors, or if you have a chronic pain condition, or a joint, bone or muscle condition and you want to keep the mobility of your spine and get the benefits of Yoga.

This class is great for everybody new in yoga or experience practitioners open to experiment the benefits of yoga in a gentle way.

Root & Release:

Release and stretch your whole body. Practice breathing techniques (Pranayama) and basic Yoga poses (Asanas); such as seating (floor), lying, standing and balance poses, to build up strength and develop muscles flexibility to improve joints mobility. Body mobility has positive effects to help to balance the nervous system. "Root & Release" is a good class to start to build up strength and develop the technique to hold the Yoga poses with the right alignment of your spine. Open to all levels, the class has a gentle flow and rhythm. Suitable for people who would like to start in Yoga (beginners) or have some or little experience. It’s also good if you want to restart in Yoga after a few months break. 

If you are complete beginner this class is designed to welcome you to the benefits of Yoga. You will learn how to stretch in a safe and efficient way, improve the alignment of your spine to avoid environmental caused misalignments. Using breath for concentration, relaxation, stimulation and awareness of the whole body and mind.

Root & Release 2.0:

It’s a bridge between “Root & Release” and “Strength & Stability”.
You need a minimum of 2-4 months practicing any type of Yoga. If you are completely beginner, we would recommend to take first one or two “Root & Release” classes before hand. “Root & Release 2.0” class moves at a faster pace than the normal “Root & Release” class.

Into the Core & Alignment:

A dynamic and energetic class.  
To keep the right alignment of the spine, it is necessary to have the strength and support of the core muscles. The core muscles involve the pelvic floor muscles, transversus abdominis, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, multifidus, erector spinae, illiopsoas and the diaphragm. Through our experience in differences techniques focusing on the core muscles strength and flexibility, we created a class with exercises, that doesn’t demand to have big flexibility in the limbs and spine. The exercises are easy to perform but require full contraction of the core muscles.
If you are having lower back pain and issues with your pelvis, strengthening the core muscles will alleviate them.
Suitable for all fitness levels. This class will give you a big boost to develop strength to keep the natural alignment of the spine for your daily activities and yoga poses.
If you are developing arms weight poses such as crow, headstand, handstand, etc… this class will boost your understanding of the biomechanics of the upper body and the connection to your core muscles while strengthening them.
If you are not sure to have the required strength for the class, as we mentioned above, you will be able to do all the exercises as they are easy to perform. You might need to moderate the time holding the exercises or the repetitions. You can take breaks anytime if needed. During the class, we’ll give you adaptations that will help you to keep going safety with the class flow.
The whole class is practice on the floor to support your spine alignment.
You will feel your abs!!

Hips Opener:

There are more than 20 muscles that cross the hips. Tightness in the hips can overload the spine, causing back pain and is usually caused by having the hips close for a too long period of time (sitting or walking). In all of our classes, we have hips opener exercises. We know that this area is a complex system. That’s why we created this special class to understand how to stretch and develop flexibility in this area.

If you felt, in your main yoga class (“Root & Release”, “Strength & Stability”, “Open & Explore”), a bit tight in your hamstrings, quadriceps, hips, glutes and/or iliotibial band. Also if you are an active person or practice a sport regularly, you might find your legs/glutes muscles very strong but a bit tight (due to lactic acid).

Tightness in any muscle creates a joint stress and instability. 

This class is creating using specific and efficient poses and stretches to target those areas.

During the warm-up, you will learn the biomechanics of the hips in relation to the legs. Gradually, during the class, you will intensify the stretches without straining or hurting your tendons, ligaments or joints.

Fabiola in the Yoga pose Easy Seated Forwardbend or Sukhasana
Experienced Classes

(some knowledge and experience needed)

Strength & Stability:

An intermediate class for people who are familiar with the sun salutation and the basic standing poses. This class is using strengthening and balance challenging postures. It is ideal as a transition from “Root & Release” towards “Open & Explore”.

No worries about the poses, flexibility or strength. If you are not in the full pose during the class, we will give you adaptations that can help you to develop. You won’t put your body either your mind under pressure. Our experience in different fitness areas helps us to structure our classes with an open mind to the different body types and really help you to develop. There is always a modification that may help you to work at your own pace.

Open & Explore:

Designed for advanced or experienced practitioners. You will need at least 120 hours of any physical yoga practice as you need some stamina and yoga knowledge for this class.
As its name says, Open & Explore class is to experiment the freedom of body strength and mobility. It is a challenging and strong class, moving at a fast pace. It’s necessary that the attendant completely understands the use of body biomechanics, body support in different yoga poses, and has 100% awareness of the spine and joints alignment to avoid injuries.

Fabiola in the Yoga pose Easy Seated Forwardbend or Sukhasana
Special Classes
Renew & Energise:

This is a special class for seniors.
Revitalising exercises using smooth and gentle techniques to keep your body moving and toned. A perfect class to regain mobility.

Personal Classes (one to one or small group):

Work towards your goals, we tailored the session to your own needs.

Contact us for availability.

Fabiola in the Yoga pose Easy Seated Forwardbend or Sukhasana
Kids Classes
Kids Yoga:

From 4 to 10 years old, this class is perfect for your kids to develop kindness, focus, respect, coordination and much more.

This class is running as a 4-week course. Check the dates below. Contact us to book your child place.

Tuesday 17:00 - 17:40

Course #1

  • 01st Sep

  • 08th Sep

  • 15th Sep

  • 22nd Sep

Course #2

  • 29th Sep

  • 06th Oct

  • 13th Oct

  • 20th Oct

Course #3

  • 27th Oct

  • 03rd Nov

  • 10th Nov

  • 17th Nov

Course #4

  • 24th Nov

  • 01st Dec

  • 08th Dec

  • 15th Dec

Fabiola in the Yoga pose Fish pose or Matsyasana
Fabiola Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours designation with Yoga Alliance
Ghislain Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours designation with Yoga Alliance
Registered Yoga School 200 designation with Yoga Alliance

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